Ottawa AV Innovation 201

May 22, 2018
At Bayview Yards

Panel 1: Preparing for Connected Cars and Autonomous Vehicles – National and Regional AV Perspectives and Strategic Initiatives

Panel 2: Ottawa AV Innovation at Work – Global Industry Leadership, Strategy and Market Success

  • Nokia
    Chris Bachelo – CTO, Juniper Networks
  • Nokia
    Brian Pratt – Head of Verticals and Webscale, Strategic Partnerships, Corporate Strategy and Development; Nokia
  • IBM Innovation Incubator Project
    Dan Sinai – Senior Executive; Innovation Ecosystems Innovation, Citizenship and Government Affairs; IBM Canada

Panel 3:  Ottawa AV Innovation at Work: Entrepreneurial Leadership – Ottawa Start-ups and Scaleups Contributing to the Growth of Ottawa’s AV Ecosystem and Capitalizing on Global Markets

Panel 4: Ottawa AV Innovation at Work: AV Research Leadership and Collaboration at Ottawa’s Post-Secondary Institutions